Saturday Programs

12:00 am Haven Today Haven Ministries
12:25 am Money Life Chuck Bentley
12:30 am Truth For Life Alistair Begg
01:00 am Music Through The Night Roger Basick, MBN
02:00 am Unshackled Pacific Garden Mission
6:00 am Family Talk Dr. James Dobson
6:26 am Today In The Word Michael Kellogg
07:00 am Country Faith Scott Young
09:00 am SRN News Moody Broadcasting Network
09:05 am Adventures In Odyssey Focus On The Family
09:30 am Ranger Bill Moody Bible Institute
10:00 am Storybook Room Uncle Bob
10:15 am Karen & Kids Karen Mortimer
10:30 am We Kids Mr. Nick
11:00: am SRN News Moody Broadcasting Network
11:05 am The Best Of In The Market Janet Parshall
12:00 pm Sports Spectrum Bill Houston/Sports Spectrum Staff
12:28 pm A Second Look At Sports Dwight Allen
1:00 pm By Request Mark Hodges/Wendell Hill
2:30 pm Bright New World Revisited Mark Hodges
3:00 pm Homecoming Radio Bill Gaither and Homecoming Friends
4:00 pm Land and the Book Dr. Charlie Dyer
5:00 pm Profile Bob Horstman
5:15 pm Community Closeup Eric Nichols
5:30 pm Money Wise Weekend Howard Dayton
6:05 pm NW Ohio Music Connection Wendell Hill
7:05 pm Love Worth Finding Dr. Adrian Rogers
7:30 pm Radio Theatre Focus On The Family
8:00 pm Lamplighter Theatre Westar Media Group
8:30 pm Unshackled Pacific Garden Mission
9:00 pm Celebration of Praise Roy Patterson